Bootcamp begins on July 11, 2022

PCOS transformation, in just 21 days!

Join expert-led bootcamp and give yourself a chance to change your relationship with PCOS
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Uvi 21-Day PCOS Bootcamp

Daily Live Workouts

Daily Live Workouts

Yoga, Pop Pilates, Zumba and S&C - take your pick. Join live, from the comfort of your home.

Personalised Diet Plan

Personalised Diet Plan

Get a 21-Day PCOS-meal plan built around your meal preferences, deficiencies & triggers

Doctor Led Sessions

Doctor Led Sessions

Join Q&A sessions led by India's top PCOS experts, find your root cause & treatments.

Community Challenges

Community Challenges

Compete on daily challenges with your PCOS community


Does this sound familiar?

  • You face symptoms such as irregular cycles, never ending or painful periods, hair loss, acne, excessive hair growth and fatigue.
  • You're tired of hearing 'just take birth control pill' or 'lose weight' as possible solutions for PCOS
  • You know you can manage your PCOS symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes but you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed you don’t know how to proceed. Don't worry. You are among almost 80% women who feel exactly the same.
  • You've tried and failed with all the fancy diet plans and rigorous workouts provided to you
  • You have debilitating fatigue that interferes with your life and leaves you no choice but to put your life on hold.

What to expect from PCOS Bootcamp

An improvement in your PCOS symptoms
You eating healthier
Lose some weight
Vibrant community supporting you
A positive outlook towards PCOS
Hurry, limited seats remaining
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Hear It From The Bootcamp Users

I was not checking my weight in the fear that it will demotivate me. I checked today and I lost 2kgs. Yay!
Deepshika Shukla
My periods are usually 10 to 15 days late. This time, I got them on time. Thanks a lot to this Bootcamp. Super duper greatful 💛.

My mental health is better. I feel better
It’s been 4 days in the Bootcamp and I feel enerised and active. I was not doing enough before and these daily tasks are making me push myself
Saakshi Sonu

"I lost 2 Kgs in a month. I also feel more energetic and do not need an afternoon nap anymore.”

My Nutrition Coach, is always calm and composed and listen to me carefully

- Neha Kulkarni, Nasik, 32 years old.

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21 Days of Expert-Led PCOS Support

Ishani Ghate expert
Ishani Ghate
Yoga Coach, 3+ years exp
Prior to being a Yoga Coach, Ishani worked as a banker. Her introduction to Yoga to cope her work-life stre Read More
Swiya De Sarkar expert
Swiya De Sarkar
Strength Training Coach, 4+ years exp
IT professional turned fitness enthusiast, Swiya has four years of strength training experience. She specia Read More
Neha S Kumar expert
Neha S Kumar
Functional Nutritionist, 5+ years exp
Nutrition coach with 5+ years of experience, Neha hopes to make strides in normalizing a holistic approach Read More
Hurry, limited seats remaining

Download our 21-Day gameplan

Get a glimpse into our 21 day bootcamp which will help your start your PCOS reversal journey

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Hurry, limited seats remaining

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the schedule of your Live Fitness sessions?
Will the Live Fitness sessions be group-based or 1:1?
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Is this plan personalised?
How many Live sessions should I attend every week?
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What changes can I expect by the end of this Bootcamp?