We are reimagining women’s healthcare

Women make >50% of the world’s population, yet their health is considered a niche. We are on a mission to change that?
Care to join us?

We are a team of doctors, health coaches, fitness experts, engineers, operators, writers, designers and humans on a mission to

Deliver compassionate care for sexual & reproductive disorders
Design science-backed solutions for care management
Define healthcare experiences that are personalised & holistic

Values that guide our decisions at Uvi

Uvi is a safe place for all people to feel heard - be it our team or users
Growth Mindset
We encourage our team to take appropriate risks and get out of their comfort zone.
Devoted to the customer
At Uvi, we bring empathy to every patient interaction and place user satisfaction above all else.
Purpose driven
We are a purpose-driven team that dares to challenge the status quo everyday.

Meet the Uvi team

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Mehak Malik
Founder & CEO
Yoga enthusiast who thrives on cold brew
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Jyotiska Khasnabish
Co-Founder & CTO
Creating a better world, one line of code at a time
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Sahal Shams
Full Stack Engineer
I know exactly what to do, but in a more real sense I have no idea what to do.
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Neha S Kumar
Nutrition Coach
Traveler, with a heart full of paws and poetry
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Bharath M
HR & Admin Associate
Adventure yearner, wasting time wisely, believer of Hakuna Matata!
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Shubh Khanna
React Native Engineer
I never give up until I get something right
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Deepali Mehra
Inside Sales Associate
Paz, amor, felicidad, musica y baile
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Sales & Ops Associate
An amateur baker who hogs on chips and yearns to live in the hills
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Aakriti Mahaur
Sales & Ops Associate
A right brain person with the tendency of overthinking and a bit of sarcasm
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Anjali Bhosale
Nutrition Coach
Leave a little sparkle wherever you go
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Manisha Bhat
Nutrition Coach
Health care specialist with a panache for travelling and music

Perks of working with us

We believe personal growth is essential for professional growth, which is why we offer all the standard benefits, plus some that are uniquely Uvi.
Health and Wellness
Monthly allowance to all employees for self-care and wellness related activities.
Professional Growth
At Uvi, you get a front row seat in key decisions and voice your ideas to the team. Participate in quarterly chats with Founders to discuss your professional development goals.
Learning and Development
Zero to one problem solving means always pushing the frontier of our knowledge. We allocate a monthly learning allowance for all employees.
Period & Mental Health Days
At Uvi, we prioritize your wellbeing above all. You can use one period / mental health day off every month.