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Navigating weight gain, period issues, hair loss, or fertility concerns can be overwhelming. We get it.
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Our team of experts is dedicated to bring to you a non-judgmental, holistic wellness experience

Fix your PCOS Root Cause

Science-backed program to regularise periods and improve your chances of conception
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Thyroid care beyond medicines

We help you get to your root cause and heal holistically
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How it Works

We get to know you
We dedicate time to understanding your genetics, history, lifestyle, goals. Combined with advanced diagnostic testing other doctors don’t run, you get in-depth informtion about your health and body
We treat the root cause
Applying the best tools annd techniques of conventional medicine alongside lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements-we target the drivers of disease
We stay by your side
Via check-ins with your health coach and unlimited messaging throughout your membership, you get support year-around

Hear it from our users

Love the yoga sessions
"I especially love the yoga sessions, the instructors are great. My health coach caters to all my needs and keeps motivating me"
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Namita Shukla
I got my periods on time
"My anxiety has reduced and I’ve also seen some fat loss around my waist. The best thing is that I got my period on time, which is a big concern for me every month."
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Pooja Sachdeva
Fits into my busy routine
"Uvi Health’s overall support system easily fits in my busy routine. Their PCOS yoga has worked wonders for me from the start itself"
customer image
Sharanya Muthyam

Why Uvi?

Personalised Care Plans
Whole Body Approach
Science-backed Care
Health Coach Support
Goals Based Approach

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We make it easy for you to prioritise your health

Experience live & interactive fitness sessions, nutritionist & doctor consults & get easy access to at-home diagnostics
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