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Thyroid conditions we treat


The body produces lesser hormones than required. The common symptoms are weight gain, fatigue, dry skinning, thin hair


The body produces more hormones than required. The common symptoms are weight loss, high heart rate, fatigue


An autoimmune disease in which the immune system attack the thyroid gland & reduces it’s capacity to produce hormones

Grave’s Disease

An autoimmune disease that enlarges our thyroid gland & makes it overactive, increases it’s capacity to produce hormones

3 reasons why modern medicine is failing you

Your thyroid is caused by underlying auto-immune condition
You are on other hormonal medications
You are not addressing your root cause

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User Testimonials

Priyanka KekanePune, 26 Years old

I had enrolled for the Thyroid plan at Uvi Health. In just one month of following their diet and yoga regimen, I have seen improvements in my energy levels, I feel more active physically and mentally throughout the day, which has also improved my productivity.
Aastha SoodDelhi, 25 Years old

I joined Uvi after getting diagnosed with Thyroid. After consistently doing Yoga over six months with Uvi and also following a healthy diet as recommended by the nutritionist, I was able to cure my Thyroid Disorder.
Neha KulkarniNashik, 27 Years old

I lost 2 Kgs in a month. I also feel more energetic and do not need an afternoon nap anymore. My Nutrition Coach guided me very patiently and calmly. The daily meal tracking was also helpful in helping me understand the mistakes I was making.

Treat your Thyroid Root Cause

Root Cause Consult

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1 Session with Thyroid Doctor
Case History & Pre-existing lab test analysis
Medical Prescription
Root Cause Lab Test

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70 Tests for Root Cause Identification
1 session with Thyroid Doctor
At home Collection of Lab Test Sample
Case History & Root Cause analysis
Root Cause Plan

3 months duration
40% Off
No cost EMI
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Or 3 interest free payments of 4333.00
66 Tests for Root Cause Identification
3 sessions with Thyroid Doctor
At-home Collection of Lab Test Sample
Case History & Root Cause Analysis
Treatment plan to address the Root Cause
2 follow-up Thyroid Profile Tests
6 Nutrition Consults
Personalised Diet Plan
Daily Meal Tracking
Unlimited access to 300+ Live Fitness

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What to expect from your treatment

3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
Visible improvements in weight and gut health
Significant improvement in symptoms such as fatigue, skin dryness, constipation
Possible reduction in dosage if test results are positive

Meet our team of ThyroidExperts

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Swiya De Sarkar
Strength Training Coach, 4+ years exp
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Ayushi Sao
Functional Nutritionist, 2+ years exp
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Purabi Gunjal
Diet Planning, 4+ years exp
Health coach

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